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Uniting Harris Community Centre

The MustardSeed is partnering with the Harris Centre to provide a hub for the local community services and connections.


Click on the Instagram icon to find our brief intro videos each week.

Last Sunday's Sermon​

It often takes a week or so for the Sunday sermon to get to the podcast. You will find it on our YouTube channel more quickly!

Most of our MustardSeed talks are available on iTunes. There are now three podcasts available. New talks will be found at MustardSeed Talks 2019. Older talks may be found here (2018) or here (2015-17).



We would love you to join us this Sunday at 9:30 am or any other Sunday,

as we worship God in a relaxed café church environment. There will be

a friendly welcome, the billy

will be boiling, cakes will be

ready and the Bible

will be open.

The formal part of church

usually runs for about an

hour and includes a

short break.


The week ahead

During this unprecedented

time as we seek to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, all of the MustardSeed Church activities will be accessible via Facebook or via the Zoom online meeting platform.

Details are available on our Facebook page:

or you can contact Rev David Gore directly.

We are aware this unusual season will impact some people more than others. If you would like to be in touch with Rev David, you can call/text him directly 0412820023 or email 

Our Mission


The MustardSeed is a congregation of the Uniting Church in Australia, based in the Pyrmont / Ultimo area of Sydney, Australia.

Mustard seeds are tiny — as small as poppy seeds — yet the trees they become can be several metres tall and provide shelter for a good number of birds.

Rev. David Gore

In the same way, The MustardSeed is a small group with a desire to have meaningful impact.


We at The MustardSeed want to help people experience the power of God’s love in their lives, that they might be empowered to live the values demonstrated by Jesus.


We encourage and support one another with reading and teaching from scripture, and upholding one another and the broader community in prayer... Tea, coffee and cake are also crucial!

Sunday Services


Café Church 9:30 AM Sunday - in the main church building.

Wednesday nights offer a variety of gatherings from Bible Study to SoulTalk at the Pub. Check 'what's on' to see when and where this Wednesday evening's event will be.

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