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MustardSeed Talks


Most Sundays the talk/sermon at The MustardSeed is recorded and put up on our podcast.

This growing collection of resources can be freely accessed via iTunes or the Podomatic site for audio-only.

Or take a look at the generous selection of video sermons on our YouTube channel.


A selection of recent talks include...

You are Unique
Catherine - 11 December 2016
Matthew 11:2-11

The pressure to conform has probably always been a feature of human experience. Our need to fit in with social groups means that we are very attuned to being the people we believe we are supposed to be in order to be accepted by the group. God sees through our best efforts to be someone we are not. God's Holy Spirit gently calls us to be the best expression of who we are.

In this passage from Matthew's gospel we hear about the period just after Jesus’ birth. It is a story of genocide and disruption, the likes of which most of us will never experience (thankfully)!


The nature of the violence reported here is not new and it is not old. In fact, it has been fairly constantly present throughout human history. Jesus is born into the midst of humanity’s inhumanity to call us to the fullness of humanity as we look to him.


For a better world, do life as he did life and treat others as he treated others… follow Jesus!

Write your goals in ink and your plans in pencil! God is well able to work all circumstances for good - even those things that are so far beyond what we could have possibly anticipated.

Do you sometimes feel guilty in relation to how you pray?

Robin helps us enter the relationship of prayer in a wise and pastoral manner - with alerts to some of the stumbling blocks people might encounter along the way.

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